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"The best people ever. Helped me so much. Thank you"
May 18, 2020
"If you are looking for personal one on one therapy, this place is the best ! After trying other PT’s in the past, a friends referred me to River Valley after my spinal surgery. I found their board certified PT’s to be extremely knowledgeable and caring. Their skill set and level of care was above and beyond my expectations. Thank you Melissa and all the oth for getting me back to normal activities. "
Oct 16, 2019
"I had Brandon Divan as my physical therapist. He is amazing. Super upbeat and makes me feel like I could do anything. I had back surgery 6/28/19 and started seeing him 6 weeks after. He made me feel like I was able to walk without my cane and I can. He talked to me the whole time so I didn't even notice how fast an hour went by. He believed I could stop therapy after 6 weeks and I did. I would never go to a different physical therapist. I could tell he truly cares about his patients which is very hard to find today. The entire staff is super friendly and even the owner is down to earth and care about his patients. With out a doubt the best physical therapy office in Kankakee county."
Oct 07, 2019
"RVPT has been and continues to be a great experience. After breaking my hip, and having surgery, (replacement wasn’t an option so a rod and screw were used) fantastic in-home therapy was done. When it was time, I chose RV to continue the “ up” path to complete recovery. The therapists have been very professional and have made my visits both challenging and fun. When I leave after a session, I feel great; even if I arrived with aches and pains. If you’re in a position where therapy is necessary, give River Valley a try; You won’t be disappointed!"
Mar 21, 2019
"Best physical therapy place around. One on one care. They make you feel like family. Even when I had to get new insurance, and only had 4 sessions left, Gerard agreed to help me out on a limited basis just so I could finish out my full therapy time with them and not have to go elsewhere. A+ "
Jan 02, 2019
"Great practice"
Oct 03, 2017


I have been visiting River Valley for some time now, they are so professional and work around your schedule, not theirs! One-on-one is the best therapy! A+++!

Pat B.

I have used River Valley Physical Therapy many times over the years.The staff is wonderful. I highly recommend.

Maureen E.

I have been treated by River Valley for the past six weeks, with outstanding results. Their therapists and entire staff are highly skilled, caring and concerned individuals who have the patients recovery as their priority. They work diligently to put together the best techniques as they relate to your specific needs. When an individual is struggling with a physical incapacity, no matter how temporary, it's great to have a place to turn for the solution to get you back on the road to full recovery. Appreciate them very much!!

Crystal D.

I went to therapy here both before and after my knee surgery. Before surgery they did great giving me exercises to try and help my knee. After it was determined only surgery would fix the problem, they were awesome in working with the surgeon to get an after surgery therapy plan in place. I had a couple of recovery set backs and they were amazing in helping me try to work through those set backs. Even on the rare occasion when I had a different therapist than my regular one, they did great in communicating with each other so my therapy progressed as normal. Have recommended them to everyone I know.

Chris S.

I have used River Valley PT 2xs. I will not go anywhere else. I get great personal care from the front door all the way to the therapy. Everyone cares. They are my friends now. And, they are real good physical therapists too. I used River Valley once in recovery from meniscus repair and then a year later in bi-lateral knee replacement recovery. I love working with Gerard and his staff. They help me understand which aches and pains in recovery are good and which ones are not. They even gave me exercises and help before surgery to help prepare me for surgery. They help me know how hard I can push my therapy and when I need to back off. I feel more confident in my exercises and recovery because of their help, training, and knowledge of my injuries, joints, muscles, and recovery. My friends, family, and even doctors have been surprised and pleased with my recovery. My doctors, athletic trainers I know, and other patients all recommend Gerard and his staff. I will not even think about going anywhere else.

Ken G.

My son Logan had several months of Physical Therapy here. We enjoyed the experience. The therapist we dealt with we absolutely loved. The staff was terrific, very kind and professional. I would recommend River Valley Physical Therapy to anyone who is looking for a therapy. We were treated well, and learned a great deal along the way. It was a terrific experience.

Christina F.

I had physical therapy for my back here. The staff are all very friendly and pleasant. Gerard was very helpful and took time to explain my treatment and answer all of my questions. Great facility, pleasant staff, and knowledgeable physical therapists that care are what make this place great.

Charlie B.

The personal care and positive attitude is wonderful at River Valley Physical Therapy. Gerard is very knowledgeable about what he does. The staff is friendly and makes you feel comfortable. It's a great group of people!!

Trish W.

I am currently going here for my therapy. I am having the best experience that anyone could ask for. Kate is my therapist and she very good and I am very pleased with the job she is doing. The rest of the staff here are very friendly and wonderful to deal with. I would highly recommend River Valley.

Cyndi G.

I had a massage at River Valley and it was great! Denise (the massage therapist) is friendly, professional, and an excellent massage therapist. I will definitely recommend massages at River Valley!

Michelle D.

Great informative/educated staff! Recommend RVPT to all!

Kirk K.

The staff is wonderful. I would highly recommend.

Maureen E.

My 13 year old son absolutely LOVES going to therapy here! I would HIGHLY recommend, EVERYONE here is amazing and make you feel special! Thank you SO much Gerard & Kaase!!! You guys ROCK!

Marie C.